Advances with iMammalia app

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During the last year we have made some improvements in iMammalia app, and many others are planned to incorporate new mammal species and countries from other regions of Europe. So, hopelly,  many more citizen scientists will contribute to improve the knowledge and conservation of European mammals.

  • Sharing records at GBIF 

We have already shared almost 6000 mammals records verified by specialists with GBIF

We have also incorporated into GBIF the links to the images associated with the mammal records so that you can access the pictures more easily

These databases, with the records shared by you, are already being used in scientific publications, so your contribution is growing.

  • Improvements of the app

New languages have been added, as Serbian and Macedonian.  In addition, more languages will be added this year,

We have incorporated, species group sheets to submit information on generalist species difficult to identify at first sight.

During this year we are going to incorporate new species sheets such as the main mustelids, as well as other species covering the whole of Europe.

We have connected iMammalia to MammalWeb, so you can access both apps using the same account and the species tests available on MammalWeb will serve to inform verifiers of your ability to identify species.
Gostovanje u emisiji Jutarnji program na RTRS-u (Radio televizija Republike Srpske) i promocija projekta MammalNet u Bosni i Hercegovini (od 1:22:20).

Projekat MammalNet nudi savremene tehnološke aplikacije. Sada na srpskom jeziku možete da koristite aplikaciju iMammalia za evidentiranje prisustva sisara, živih ili pronađenih mrtvih, sa ili bez njihove slike, traga stopala (šape) ili brloga - svaki vaš zapis se računa! 🐾

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